Mar 11

LUXE Spring 2016 Feature

It was an honor for our firm to be involved in this mid-century Webber+Studio Architects remodel, and equally thrilling to see it featured on the cover of LUXE…


Sep 29

Introducing Leicht L3

Straightforward with tight edge radii, featuring a high proportion of glass, the new L3 interior frame reflects the modern aesthetics of a LEICHT kitchen. The sides of…

Arete, Leicht

Sep 18

Cutting Edge Kitchen Design

New technology is making glass cabinet fronts and countertops not only possible, but functional and comparable in price to marble and high-gloss lacquer. The glass is back-painted…

Leicht Glass

Aug 27

AIA Austin Homes Tour 2015 Sponsor

Save the date to catch sight of our recently completed high-gloss metallic champagne kitchen at the Webber + Studio Architects residence on Mt. Bonnell Drive. tickets and more info


Jun 22

Leicht Multi-Unit Projects

For many years, LEICHT has been an in-demand and successful partner for the outfitting of projects in all sizes, projects ranging from 20 through to 1,000 kitchens.…

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