The planning principle and real wood range KYOTO is inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Characteristic of KYOTO is the spatial lattice structure, which stands out visually from the real wood veneer front made of oak or walnut. This structure is the result of a sophisticated planning of side panels, shelves and horizontal solid wood handles. It’s worth taking a closer look: Along the carcass line and on the wall unit elements, the handle profiles are set at a distance of 2 cm from the top or bottom edge of the front, in all other cases they are positioned directly on the front edge. The effect: the horizontal front joints “disappear” behind the overlying lattice structure, so that there is no doubling of the frame structure. In this way, KYOTO creates a particularly delicate and filigree aesthetic. A surrounding real wood edge completes the high-quality picture – even when opening the cupboards and drawers.

The second characteristic feature of KYOTO is the lively, vertical grain of the real wood front. Thanks to the veneer processing shown in the picture, the wood grain runs across the entire piece of furniture without any visual interruption. Without reducing the natural radiance of the high-quality front, a matt, transparent surface seal protects it from external influences using a water-based paint system.

Available in 2 colors: HI320v Walnut (Shown) and HI319v Alpine Natural Oak