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We offer a select range of prestigious products to create your dream kitchen and home interior environment.

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    Leicht Kitchens

    For 90 years, LEICHT has been setting an industry standard with premium kitchen designs and innovations. LEICHT kitchens are a brilliant combination of material, color, design, and functionality that unite interior spaces and architecture together. Made in Germany.

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    Miele Home Appliances

    Miele is a German manufacturer of high quality domestic appliances founded over 110 years ago. Thanks to the company's "Immer Besser" philosophy which focuses on the dynamic development of quality and technology, the Miele brand is now identified worldwide as a top-class household product.

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    MisuraEmme Closets & Living

    Characterized by a high level of personalization, MisuraEmme is a modern design company of walk-in closets, wardrobes, living systems and furniture collections that combine traditional artisan culture with modern innovation. Made in Italy heritage since 1902.