Leicht Kitchens

The LEICHT brand has inspired confidence and certainty for 90 years. It stands for power of innovation and contemporary aesthetics, based on principles of architecture and function. A pronounced attention to detail and high flexibility when fulfilling customers’ special requirements make LEICHT kitchens unmistakable. The development of new finishes and design options has contributed to LEICHT’s international reputation as the best-sold premium brand in Germany.

The name LEICHT stands for lasting value, durability and aesthetic quality. Honesty in the use of materials, ecological processing and choice of material are part of the Company policy. High-quality in product and service is number one on the list. LEICHT kitchens produce rooms of highest individuality.

The longevity of a high-quality LEICHT kitchen is a decisive criterion for environment protecting products. The use of ecologically safe and sustainable materials is a further aspect of responsible production.

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