October 24, 2022

CONTINO Ξ12 | Handle-less elegance with fronts with a material thickness of 12mm

With CONTINO Ξ12, LEICHT is expanding the 2023 collection, which presents different planning scenarios, with a new, handleless kitchen front in a thickness of 12 mm and the finest manufacturing quality. Available either with a lacquer finish or in aluminium, the thin front rounds off different room designs with an elegant design language and architecturally clear lines. The new product has a filigree, shapely and elegant look, with which the architecture brand has stylistically expanded its aesthetic and technical competence in the design and implementation of handleless kitchens. The conscious reduction of materials maximises Contino 12’s elegant appearance in the kitchen living space. The reduced material thickness of just 8mm on the M8 pullout system harmonizes perfectly with the slender front of CONTINO  Ξ12. 

alt="close up view of open drawers beneath stove top"