CONTINO Ξ12 | Classic FS | Aluro

New handle-less kitchen fronts with a material thickness of 12mm. Available in ALLURO and CLASSIC FS programs.
Front aluminum coated on both sides, 0.8mm thick with anodized color finish and chamfered aluminum edge. 3 color options available.
Matt lacquer with a velvety surface feel. Edges with a narrow radius. 16+ color options.
ICONIC Shelving System
The vertical shelf sides of the open shelving system ICONIC stand at a minimum distance of 5cm from the wall, exemplified here in Bergamo Elm. An LED strip light runs along the back of this panel opening, visually highlighting the flat rear wall and creating a three-dimensional effect through indirect light.
Wood veneer, available in 9 finish options.
Shown: 309 vertical grain Bergamo Elm